Final Fantasy: I SHALL PASS

Star Ruby in hand, I ventured back to Giant’s Cave. I approached the magnificent Brobdingnagian1 rock eater with trepidation. Would he accept my gift? Should I lightly salt it?

Then he ate it and was persuaded. The gentle giant lumbered slowly away, out of my life forever. I chased him around the corner, but he was gone.

I went through the cave and came out the other side. Further south was a cave with a dude named Sadda, who gave me the “earth rod”.

This will open the slab with the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show hidden underneath.

My guys are level 24 now. No one has died even once. I suspect that the original was harder. I remember playing Dragon Warrior with a cousin when I was a kid, and I could swear that it was difficult. I assumed that other games from the era were of similar difficulty. I may have to crank up the Wii in a week or so and play the original for a bit, just to get an idea of how it’s changed.

Of course, I’m very early on, I think. I haven’t even got an airship yet. So maybe it will ramp up. I suspect that deeper in the earth cave I’ll find one of the four fiends, assuming my memory is accurate and that this Final Fantasy established that pattern. I’m pretty sure it did.

I’m pretty sure the original also had orbs instead of crystals. Now I’m really curious. Anyway, when I have time I’ll head deeper into the earth cave find the baddie.

  1. I have a thesaurus.

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: I SHALL PASS

    • It is! Last time I talked to you about it, you told me to hold onto it for now. That was probably in 2010, so “for now” spans years by my reckoning.

      I think I can buy copies for pretty cheap now, if you want it back. I probably also have a borrowed copy of Wizardry 2, grandpa.

        • Nice! I actually installed (but didn’t play) it recently. It was right around then that I decided to make a more concerted effort to clear up the backlog.

          But how much time did that take? From what I’ve read, it was quite the slog. I do want to try to beat at least the first Bard’s Tale, but as hard as that is, I’ve heard it’s not nearly as punishing as Wizardry.

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