Final Fantasy: Are those legs REALLY yours?

I parked the airship somewhat near a town called Onrac on one of the northern continents. I made my way west to the town.

This was one weird place. There was a lot of talk about legs, UFOs and robots.

I think this was the first dialog that genuinely surprised me.

Under what circumstances is this a legitimate question? Seriously, what's with you people and legs?

There were also some more high-level spells being sold. I bought some, but they’re getting very expensive now. There was also a woman who had tried to make her own submarine, but apparently it’s a deathtrap.

Normally I'd be pleased that this kind of explains the obsession with legs in this town. But then you had to speak the second half of that sentence. You made a submarine out of a BARREL? Sure, why not? By the way, I made a moped out of a rake and an angry mule.

Anyway, I picked up some good information here in Onrac. I was told the location of the caravan, where I could presumably find the faerie. Someone named Koppe told me about a UFO or something landing at a waterfall. I had flown over that waterfall earlier.

I left town and rowed canoe up the nearby river to find the waterfall. Inside was a cave.

It was fairly big, with lots of twisty passageways. After a good deal of exploring, I found myself in a room with a lot of treasure chests and a robot, presumably the one mentioned in town.

I have BEEN going as fast as I can, jerk.

It gave me a cube, of course.

So, er, okay. That said, someone in Onrac who was Dr. Unne’s brother mentioned “Sky People”. He also mentioned a language and a “Rosetta Stone”.

The robot didn’t have anything else useful to say, though, and I left. I’m still considering dropping a spell in exchange for the Exit spell, but I really like those spells. And anyway, new spells are getting expensive (as I mentioned earlier), so the extra fights on the way were probably worth it.

I decided to go look for the caravan. I apparently needed to get to the caravan to get the faerie, who could get me some oxyale, which would… do something?

After wandering somewhat aimlessly in the dessert fighting slightly tougher creatures than I normally encounter, I stumbled onto the caravan. There, a merchant was selling a bottle with a faerie in it for something like 40,000 gil.1 So I bought it. I headed back to Gaia, whereupon the faerie flew off to the northeast. I went up to a spring that I had previously found. The faerie was there, hanging out in a very Legend of Zelda sort of way. It gave me some Oxyale. It also informed me that I could use it to breathe underwater, so I guess I could try out that rickety wine barrel of a submarine after all.

So I’m going to head back to Onrac and hop in the “submarine”, though I may head back to the waterfall to make some more money first.

  1. I’m trying to use the word “gil” more.

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