Yikes! I haven’t updated in a while.

I have been busy though. I put a lot of time into Skyrim. I’ll probably write something about it.

Photo of Nintendo controller with LED modification

I’ve spent some time working on some hardware stuff, including this fun NES controller modification.

I’m also ramping up to selling some modded original Xboxes.

As for games, I’m considering a few to play next. Maybe a JRPG.

Weird Xbox A/V Switch Box (ICCX)

I found this sucker at a local Savers the other day.


It’s pretty odd. First, it’s clearly designed for an original Xbox. It’s got a similar aesthetic. More to the point, though, it’s got grooves that perfectly fit the pads on the bottom of an Xbox. Here it is with an Xbox on top:


Second, it is an A/V switch. It’s got 4 inputs and one output. Composite, S-Video and L/R audio. That’s kind of cool. What’s very cool is that this switch will switch to the input that’s being used. I’m sure there’s a priority for the ports if multiple inputs are sending info, but I haven’t messed with that yet.


That right there made it worth the $3.99 or so I paid for it. I hate having to change TV inputs, A/V switch inputs or worse, both. It does require a center-positive 9V power supply. I have a collection of wall warts in my garage and found one that worked.

Third, you’ll notice that it has a cable coming out the side. This plugs into the 4th controller port on the Xbox, allowing it to be used as DVD player. In fact, this thing includes a remote.


That’s not terribly useful (I don’t really use DVDs for anything anymore, and I wouldn’t put the wear and tear on an Xbox DVD drive anyway), but the remote might come in handy with a soft-modded Xbox.

Fourth is something weird and almost entirely useless. It’s got a front tray that opens up and allows you to store discs. That’s all it does.



Anyway, I just wanted to write about this because it was weird. I haven’t found much info on it on the internet. I’d like to figure out how to program the remote, but no luck so far. I’m probably going to set it up in our guest room.